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Ferrum Audio is a Polish company founded in 2015 by two friends, Piotr Radosław and Jakub Spikowski, who share a passion for sound and music.

The idea for the company came about when Piotr and Jakub were building their own home audio system. While searching for quality components for the system, they realized that there was a lack of affordable but high-quality audio products on the market. This motivated them to start working on their own amplifiers and other audio devices.

After several years of product development and testing, Ferrum Audio introduced its first product - the "Ferrum Oda" headphone amplifier. The amplifier is characterized by high-quality sound, the ability to adjust volume, and compatibility with various types of headphones. "Ferrum Oda" was quickly embraced by the market and won several awards for its design and quality.

Following the success of "Ferrum Oda," the company continued to develop new products, such as the "Ferrum Hypsos" speaker amplifier and the "Ferrum Forte" combined headphone and speaker amplifier.

Currently, Ferrum Audio is an established company in the audio products market and enjoys great success both in Poland and other parts of the world. The company continues to develop new and innovative products while maintaining its philosophy of high quality and good sound.