Warranty Terms and Service

Dear customers,
Thank you for choosing VSystem Ltd.!

Your product is secured by VSystem Ltd. against all manufacturing defects with free warranty service for the term specified in your warranty card.

We advise you to carefully read the instructions for use of the purchased product as well as these Warranty Terms. They define the obligations that VSystem Ltd. assumes to its clients and determine the order for making claims during the warranty period of the devices, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

1. Warranty period

The warranty period is indicated on the warranty card. It starts from the date of receipt of the goods and the warranty card. For goods received by courier, the date of issue of the warranty card is the starting date of the warranty period. Certain components of the product have a limited warranty period (rechargeable batteries, external power adapters, remotes and other accessories) under the terms of the product manufacturer.

2. Places to accept warranty products

2.1. Warranty products are accepted at the workshops described in the warranty card obtained when purchasing the product.

2.2. If the manufacturer does not provide its own service network, a warranty card from VSystem Ltd. is obtained upon purchase. In this case the product must be transported to the service of VSystem Ltd., whose addresses and phone numbers are listed on the contact page.

2.3. If the manufacturer has provided its own service network, then the service points are marked on the warranty card. In this case, the rules of the relevant service network apply.

2.4. The service has the right to transport the products to other repairers at their own expense.

Note: When using a courier company to deliver devices to a workshop, costs are at the expense of the customer.

3. Acceptance requirements for warranty service

3.1. Products are only accepted when their full equipment (accessories and documentation) is available.

3.2. Products are accepted only accompanied by an original of a warranty card and payment documents (cash receipt / invoice).

3.3. The products must be accompanied by a clear and accurate description of the defect that is the cause of the claim.

4. Service center obligations

When making a claim that complies with the warranty terms, the service is obliged:

4.1. Perform the necessary action to fix the defect at its own expense.

4.2. If the defect can not be remedied, replace the defective product with another of the same model and with the same characteristics.

4.3. When the same product is currently unavailable or stopped production, the following options are possible:

a) The product is replaced by another product, but with analogous parameters to the product.

b) The product shall be replaced by the product of the same manufacturer, which shall replace the lead-in or non-deliverable product.

c) The product shall be valued on the current price list or at market value and the customer shall be given the opportunity to obtain another product for that amount, to pay for a product of his choice or to receive the corresponding amount.

4.4. The manufacturer, the Importer, the Merchant and the Service can not be held liable for lost profits, stays, etc. as a result of the defect of the product and / or its stay in the workshop.

4.5. During the stay in the workshop, VSystem Ltd. is not obliged to provide another similar product turnover.

5. Duration of warranty service

5.1. When claiming the complaint to the service department - according to the complexity of the repair and delivery of spare parts - up to 30 days.

5.2. Upon receipt of a courier claim - the repair period begins from the date of receipt without counting the time required to travel the product to the workshop and back to the customer.

5.3. If the warranty product is to be dispatched to a workshop authorized by the manufacturer or if there is no substitute product, the time limit in this case is specified in the Consumer Protection Act.

5.4. The aforementioned deadlines are the duty of the workshop, but the workshop is not responsible for notifying that the warranty service has been terminated in the case of inability to contact the customer.

Customers can be informed about the status of the warranty service in the locations where they claimed the claim.

6. Receiving products from warranty service

6.1. The products provided in the service of VSystem Ltd. are received at the same place.

6.2. Products sent to a workshop provided by the manufacturer are obtained according to their service conditions.

6.3. Products obtained in the service of the company VSystem Ltd. are sent back once the customer is notified of the completion of the warranty service and instructed by any courier company returned to him the finished product.

6.4. A claim on the equipment or the type of repaired / replaced goods is only accepted at the time of receipt.

6.5. The parts replaced during the repair of the warranty product remain in the workshop for further reporting.

6.6. If the diagnosis of the goods is established that it is correct and meets its technical specification or defect warranty, the service can charge customers according to the service rendered by pricelist for warranty service.

Note: The transport costs for delivering the product to the company's service or business premises as well as the return route are at the expense of the customer.

7. Disclaimer of warranty service

The company "B Sistem" Ltd. has the right to refuse warranty service in the following situations:

7.1. In the event of inconsistency between the data on the warranty card and the product, imprecision or lack of serial number.

7.2. In the absence of a guarantee card and a payment document (cash receipt / bank transfer invoice).

7.3. After the expiration of the warranty period indicated on the warranty card.

7.4. An unauthorized attempt to repair, modify or alter the technical specifications.

7.5. In case of violation of the integrity of the warranty patches, seals and factory labels aimed at preventing unauthorized interference.

7.6. In case of damage caused by poor transport, poor storage, improper installation, negligence, mechanical damage, dropping, impact, flooding, use of non-original adapters and other accessories, reversed battery polarity, electric shocks, poor earthing, direct sunlight, high humidity, vibration, poor cooling, natural impacts, including poorly executed cable network connection and / or telephone line, work in polluted environment, insect infestations and other causes beyond the manufacturer, defective appearance, worsening tion due to incorrect operation (including damaged wells jacks, terminals, etc.).

7.7. Failure to comply with the following requirements for power supply.

7.8. When using unlicensed software, unauthorized modifications to the embedded software (including BIOS), presence of viruses.

7.9. For defects caused by other modules and devices used in conjunction with the warranty product.

7.10. Do not accept warranty service products of poor appearance, highly contaminated, flooded with liquids, or with visible mechanical damage (cracks, fractures, crushing).

7.11. Product warranty does not include:

- any accessories supplied with the product;
- reusable batteries (these products have a shorter life, the length of which depends on the frequency of use);
- Damages resulting from improper use (eg operating errors, mechanical damage, improper working voltage);
- Damage due to wear, dirt, cable stripping, torn cord, torn or peeled seal and the like;
- any modification of a product made by a buyer or a third party unless VSystem Ltd. has given prior written consent to the nature and extent of the change;
- installation and replacement of consumables;
- software installations and settings;
- Damage due to force majeure;
- Damage that the buyer is known at the time of purchase.

9. Other general conditions

9.1. The defect of an item in a product is not a reason to replace or refund the amount paid for it. Replacement takes place only if the device is unable to repair.

9.2. Cases of more than one warranty service are not grounds for replacing the device or returning the amount paid for it.

9.3. The original warranty period is retained regardless of whether the products have been repaired or replaced.

9.4. The Service is not responsible for repaired goods unclaimed more than 60 days after the date of service.

10. Transport, storage, and installation requirements

Products must only be transported in original packaging in covered vehicles. They should only be stored in original packaging, indoors under the following conditions: air temperature 0-30 degrees, relative humidity up to 80% at 30 degrees, absence of aggressive impurities.

The products are installed indoors, with the same environmental requirements as when stored. The minimum distance from heaters should be 1 meter. Ventilation openings are not allowed to close. Prior to first launching the products, wait 2 hours for acclimatization of the devices.

11. Requirements for power supply

Devices must only be plugged into the mains by means of a smoke switch. The mains voltage must be 220 volts with maximum deviations of -15% + 10%, with a frequency of 50 Hz with +/- 1 Hz.

When connecting multiple devices in one configuration, they must be connected to the mains via a single phase splitter or galvanically separated from the mains. It is advisable to use a UPS or a power strip to protect against electrical interference.