Ferrum HYPSOS Hybrid Power System​

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Manufacturer Ferrum Audio

Upgrade Your Audio Experience with the Ferrum HYPSOS Power Supply

Transform your audio setup with the Ferrum HYPSOS, a game-changing power supply that goes beyond the ordinary. Designed to enhance your audio experience, HYPSOS offers unique features and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

With HYPSOS, you'll enjoy a hybrid power system that combines the best of linear and switching designs, giving you low ripple, noise reduction, and fast transient response. This versatile device also supports various user levels, allowing you to customize settings for optimal performance.

Discover the Sweet Spot Tuning (SST) feature, which lets you fine-tune output voltage for the best sound. Adjust the voltage safely on the fly for easy comparison testing. Plus, with the 4T Sensing Design (4TSD), you'll get precise voltage levels at your device's DC input terminal, eliminating cable resistance and improving transient response.

HYPSOS brings advanced automation to the table, with compatibility with Apple TV remote and Trigger in/out connectors. Automate your devices' power-up even without a dedicated trigger connection. And don't worry about safety – HYPSOS features Automatic Transformer Voltage Adjust (ATVA), Electronic Output Voltage Polarity Switch, and protection from overvoltage, current limit, and shorts.

Experience detailed, revealing, and non-fatiguing sound that makes your current audio setup perform to its potential. Modify voltage levels on the fly and choose your preferred combination of 4-Terminal Sensing and Spread Spectrum Mode settings.

HYPSOS works with a wide variety of products, thanks to its extensive and easy-to-update compatibility list. Electronically controlled output voltage and DC plug polarization let you power numerous devices without purchasing different cables. And with Sweet Spot Tuning, you can experiment with different voltage levels without risking damage to your equipment.

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  • Ferrum HYPSOS Hybrid Power System​
Turntable, Amplifier, Speakers
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