Ferrum OOR Headphone Amplifier

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Manufacturer Ferrum Audio

Discover the Soul of Music with the Ferrum OOR Headphone Amplifier

Hey music lovers! Meet the Ferrum OOR, a headphone amplifier with a soul and winner of the prestigious EISA award for the best Headphone Amplifier of 2022-2023. This game-changing amp brings you closer to your favorite tunes by driving any headphones to their full potential while preserving the essence of the music.

Experience ultra-low distortion, zero fatigue, massive dynamics, and unrivaled detail for ultimate enjoyment. The OOR's truly balanced design, even with RCA inputs, ensures you get the most out of any headphones. Plus, it's super easy to use with just three knobs to control essential settings.

Want to take your audio experience to the next level? Pair the OOR with the HYPSOS Hybrid Power System using the Ferrum Power Link (FPL) for an unbeatable combo. This pairing unleashes unheard musicality, elevating your listening experience like never before.

The OOR's superior control and in-house developed discrete power amp technology reduce distortion to inaudible levels, ensuring high dynamics and exceptional sound quality. With a focus on balanced and transparent sound, you can say goodbye to listening fatigue.

Not just a powerhouse, the OOR boasts a sleek and understated design that conceals its intricate inner workings. The brightness of the logo on OOR's front can be dimmed for your comfort, and the Ferrum Power Link ensures the ultimate connection with HYPSOS.

Crafted by a talented team in the heart of Poland, the Ferrum OOR is their go-to choice for relaxation and inspiration. Ready to dive into the world of pure audio bliss? Combine the OOR with the HYPSOS and let the music take you away.

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  • Ferrum ORR
Headphones, Speakers
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