Order, Payment and Delivery

Dear customers,

This page describes the ways in which orders are made through the online store vsystem.bg, their payment to VSystem Ltd. and the delivery of goods to the customer.

We encourage you to read this information carefully as it concerns the successful and trouble-free operation of our e-shop.


Creating an order for one or more products in vsystem.bg is a quick and easy procedure that comes down to:

A) Selection of product (s),
B) Ordering only one page, which consists of:

- Shipping method;
- Payment method;
- Customer type;
- Buyer data;
- Shipping address.

1. Product Selection

1.1. Once you have found the product you want to order, you can add it to your virtual cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.

1.2. If you want to add a different number of products at once, use the "plus" and "minus" buttons, or enter the desired amount in the box, and then click the Add to Cart button.

1.3. At the top of each page is a trolley symbol that shows the number of items you have added for purchase. If you have added products, you can see a drop-down menu by pointing the mouse (desktop) or clicking on the symbol (mobile). In this menu you will see all purchased products, their pieces, single and total price. You can also remove a product from the cart.

2. Preparing to send the order

2.1. Once you have finished choosing products, click on the "cart" symbol. For mobile devices, use the "Show Cart" button in the drop-down menu. On the "Cart" page, you can:

- See detailed information about the selected items and the current order value;
- Edit quantities;
- Remove products;
- Apply discount coupon or gift voucher.

All prices change as soon as you choose to receive real-time information.

2.2. If you are logged in vsystem.bg as a registered user, your cart content will be retained until you change it or until you finalize the order, regardless of whether you have left the site.
If you added products to your shopping cart before you identify yourself on the site after you log in, the newly added products will be added to those you added on a previous login (if any).

2.3. Before you send your order to us, you need to select on the same page:

A) Shipping method;

B) Payment method;

C) Customer type (if you have not already logged in as a registered user):

- Registered customer (sign-in drop-down menu)
- New customer (purchase with site registration)
- Checkout as guest (purchase without site registration)

D) Customer (data for sending the order according to the chosen delivery method);

E) Shipping details (in case you want the order to be sent to an address other than the customer's details);

F) Invoice? (if you wish to receive an invoice for this purchase, click on the "Invoice" field and fill in the required data)

G) Notes and special requests (fill in if you have special requirements - such as a courier office or others)

H) Terms & Conditions (Please click on the link and read the terms and conditions carefully. To finalize your order, you need to agree with them.)

Once you have filled in all the necessary data and are confident of your purchase, click on the "Confirm Order" button so that we can get it and start implementing it.

Any change in the status of the order is reflected on the vsystem.bg site and can be found in the Orders menu or via the link you received in the email.

Also, important changes to the order status will be notified to the email address you specify.


All products that are not charged for delivery and cash on delivery are marked on the product page labeled "Free shipping".

If you've added at least one free shipping product to your cart:

- the delivery for all other products in the cart is also free of charge;
- You will see in the product page that the delivery is free of charge even if it is not included in the free shipping.


The delivery of your chosen goods takes place in one of the ways you need to select when ordering:

1. In the VSystem Store.

When selecting this delivery method, you only need to wait for the order to acquire "Processed" status. This means that you can get ordered items within the shop's working hours.
In this case, no delivery fee is due.

2. Through a courier company.

In this case, we send your chosen goods directly to:

a) your address through a courier company. Orders are shipped from 09:00 to 15:00 (if there is an office of your chosen courier company in the settlement);
b) your chosen office of a courier company.

Once we provide the shipment to the courier company, you will receive a bill of lading number and a tracking link. It lets you know about the movement of your order.

If delivery is not free of charge, the cost of delivery and handling of cash (if any) is at the expense of the recipient of the goods.

Please note that successful delivery depends to a large extent on the accuracy of your contact details (names, address, telephone).
VSystem Ltd. is not responsible for a delivery problem due to insufficient or incorrect data that you have filled in.


The payment of items purchased from vsystem.bg can be made in one of the following ways you have to choose when ordering:

1. In the VSystem Store (with cash or credit card).

If you have chosen a delivery method at the store in the VSystem, it is necessary to wait for the status of the order to become "Processed". This means that you can pay and get the items you want within the shop opening hours.
In this case, you do not owe a payment handling fee.

2. With payment on delivery of the goods by a courier company.

In this case, you pay the courier's price to deliver it to you or to an office of your chosen courier company. Unless there is an agreed free shipping, you also pay the courier the value of the courier service as well as the charge for handling the charge. The values of these fees are visible when the order is made.

3. With bank transfer

After contacting you and specifying the details of the order, it will acquire the "Awaiting Payment" status by e-mail at the specified email address will receive a Proforma Invoice for payment by bank transfer After an effective translation at our expense, the order will be processed and sent using the delivery method you choose.
In this case, you do not owe a payment handling fee.


All orders that are registered after 14:00 are sent on the next business day.

If any questions arise regarding ordering, payment or shipping, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact page.