Company history

Our company was founded in 2001. We chose 26 November as our date of foundation - the day we opened our doors for the first customer.
Right from the beginning, we have identified our priorities, which we follow to date - high quality goods and services, perseverance, loyalty and honesty to all customers and partners.

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And since we value your time, we work with audio engineers who will direct you to the most appropriate product according to your requirements. Even if you are looking for a product that is not available to us, we will do our best to provide it as quickly as possible.

We work professionally to make your life more enjoyable, and your positive feedback all our efforts worth it.

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In 2014, we signed partnership agreements with the German company Sennheiser and acquired rights to import, sell and distribute the world-renowned brand’s products. You can follow the link to read more about Sennheiser.

A year later we also signed contracts with the Japanese company Audio-Technica. Again with rights to import, sell and distribute all their products - headphones, microphones, turntables and more. You can follow the link to read more about Audio-Technica.

Audio products have always been our passion and we will continue to develop in this area by increasing the variety of products offered and the quality of service to our customers.

VSystem Shop Interior

What we offer

Highest quality products

We only offer products from world-renowned manufacturers established in the market for decades. With this we guarantee our customers the highest quality and security. Every product undergoes in-depth control, including appearance, to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.

Convenience in choosing and ordering

We strive to make your choice as comfortable as possible. You can compare all of our products, add them to your personal list, and write a review to help more hesitant buyers make a decision. What's more, the site is equipped with advanced search and a variety of filters that will greatly save your time and effort.

Free and express delivery

We deliver headphones, microphones, amplifiers and turntables all over Bulgaria free of charge. No matter where you live, your order will be delivered in time directly to a location of your choosing. Packages are handled extremely carefully so the ordered products will arrive in perfect shape exactly as you expect.


Sennheiser Professional Audio Certificate
Sennheiser Professional Audio

The entire professional line of headphones and microphones - studio, monitor, radio and TV broadcasts, and more.

Sennheiser CE High End Certificate
Sennheiser CE High End

Top-class audio amplifiers and headphones. Sennheiser's outstanding achievements with uncompromising sound quality.

Sennheiser CE Premium Certificate
Sennheiser CE Premium

High quality headphones and microphones for personal and professional use. Quality, comfort and rich in opportunities.

Sennheiser Consumer Audio Certificate
Sennheiser Consumer Audio

Quality user-friendly products for music, sports, travel, games and more. Rich in variety for all individual needs.

Sennheiser Telecom Certificate
Sennheiser Telecom

Headphones, microphones, conference systems - for your business communications in the office or on the go, conference halls equipment.

Audio-Technica Europe Certificate
Audio-Technica Europe

Covers all products made by the popular Japanese company - headphones, microphones, turntables, conference systems and more.

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