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The Japanese Audio-Technica company was founded in 1962 by Hideo Matsushita.
At the age of 42, he decides to take up his life goal and leaves his work at Bridgestone in Tokyo, where, for the next 10 years, where for 10 years he has organized a number of successful events in relation to listening to gramophone records. His favourite quote of 7 words "I believe in the quality of sound for everyone" becomes a guide in his work and he takes the first steps - to put into practice his ideas for quality phono cartridges.

Седалище и изследователски център на Audio-Technica Corporation в Япония

During these years, the creation of a new company was very difficult and expensive. Hideo Matsushita decided to start production of components (phono cartridges) for gramophone producers, as this was the only way to reproduce sound.

This is the beginning of one of the largest companies, which today produces a wide range of products for home, studio and professional use.

The first two AT-1 and AT-3 phonographs, manufactured by Audio-Technica, are being sold to suppliers in Japan. Their high quality helped the company only a year later move to a more spacious office and increase its production. In addition, the new AT-5 model was developed and the diamond stylus AT-5X one year later.

As a result of its highly qualified team of engineers, in 1969 the company entered the global market. Audio-Technica's phono cartridges are widely used by gramophone producers.

The production of phono cartridges and gramophone styluses has long since ceased to be the only activity of Audio-Technica. Nowadays, the company develops and manufactures turntables, as well as microphones, mixers, headphones, and many other audio products known to the world.

Many technologies have been introduced by Audio-Technica for the first time. For example:
- Manufacture of oxygen-free copper AT33ML / OCC phono cartridge;
- Patented SpectraPulse technology used for secure encryption of data in 2007

Also in the eighties, the company sold the popular portable Vinyl Mister Discs, which were later replaced by Sound Burger.

Audio-Technica also leaves its mark on the development of headphones. In 1974, the company launched the first series of dynamic headphones - AT-700, and four years later the ATH-7 and ATH-8 capacitors.

In 2007, Audio-Technica began production of QuietPoint® Noise-Canceling headphones with active noise canceling. In 2010, the ATH-ANC7b QuietPoint, which is on sale since 2009, receives an award for innovation in design and technology.

Professional equipment occupies much of Audio-Technica's production. For example, the M3 Wireless Monitor Kit, which comes into production in 2008.

Producing more and more unique and sought-after audio products, the company gains recognition not only by individuals (including celebrities) but also by whole organizations. Since 1996, the Audio-Technica headphones and microphones have been used at the Olympic Games.
The company's participation in sports continues with the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000), Salt Lake City (2002), Athens (2004), Beijing (2008), London (2012), and many other events. In 2006, the Grammy Award ceremony was equipped with more than 200 Audio-Technica microphones.

In 2007, the legendary headset ATH-M50 arises. They are designed for professional observation and mixing in recording studios, but become so well liked, that they start to be more widely used and in homes as well.

Where are Audio-Technica products still in use? In the halls of the US Congress, the police, TV and radio, musicians (Metallica, Aerosmith, Slipknot) on the street ... You just have to look around.