Ferrum Power Splitter

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Manufacturer Ferrum Audio

Double the Power with Ferrum Power Splitter

Have you ever wanted to power more than one device with your HYPSOS? Your wish has come true! Ferrum has designed the Ferrum Power Splitter (FPS) just for that purpose. Now, you can easily power two devices of your choice with a single HYPSOS.

Ferrum's engineers made sure the FPS is user-friendly and efficient. Just remember the correct output settings (voltage and polarity) are essential for the proper operation of all devices. The FPS is designed to work seamlessly with HYPSOS, ensuring you get the best performance.

The Ferrum Power Splitter package includes a Ferrum Power Link of 0.5 meters, but if you need other power cords in different lengths (including the FPL), Ferrum offers them.

When connecting multiple devices to HYPSOS, be mindful of three things: the combined power consumption, the operating voltage, and the polarity (+/- orientation). Maximum power consumption should not exceed 80W, and the current should not exceed 6A. When optimizing the value with Sweet Spot Tuning, remember that it's for both components combined.

If you're using the Ferrum Power Splitter with a Ferrum MicroUSB, make sure the correct voltage settings of the devices are 5 volts with positive polarity.

Upgrade your HYPSOS experience by powering multiple devices with the innovative Ferrum Power Splitter. Embrace the convenience and performance that Ferrum's FPS brings to your setup!

What's in the box?

  • Ferrum Power Splitter
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