Ferrum ERCO Headphone DAC

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Manufacturer Ferrum Audio

The ERCO makes sure your audio gear performs at its best.

it's time to level up your audio game with Ferrum ERCO! This high-end desktop audio component is here to revolutionize your listening experience. So, let's dive in and explore what makes the ERCO the ultimate choice for audiophiles.

First off, imagine combining the best of Ferrum's flagship technology with top-notch Digital to Analog conversion. That's precisely what you get with ERCO, giving you crystal-clear sound from three digital and one analog input. Say goodbye to any compromises on audio quality.

Don't worry about compatibility – ERCO's got you covered. With its proprietary technology, all digital ports are optimized for audio, and the MQA decoding and rendering are fine-tuned for the internal ARM chip. It's a match made in heaven for high-end personal audio systems.

Hook up your favorite headphones to the balanced 4.4mm jack or unbalanced 6.35mm headphone jack outputs, or connect your powered loudspeakers to the XLR or RCA outputs. The ERCO makes sure your audio gear performs at its best.

The truly balanced signal path ensures top-notch sound quality from the early D/A stage, even right after the RCA inputs. ERCO's discrete/IC hybrid design and focus on transparency offer a balanced and fatigue-free listening experience.

Operating ERCO is a breeze, with just three knobs on the front panel for hassle-free control. But here's the real kicker – pair ERCO with HYPSOS using the Ferrum Power Link (FPL) to unleash mind-blowing musicality. This dynamic duo elevates your audio setup to new heights.

ERCO's stylish design and fully balanced architecture perfectly camouflage the industry-leading technology housed within. And for those who love customization, you can even dim the brightness of the logo on ERCO's front panel.

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  • Ferrum ERCO Headphone DAC
Amplifier, Converter (DAC)
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