Pro-Ject Connect it E RCA Cable - 1.23m

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Semi-balanced, audiophile Phono cable engineered for performance

Unlike ordinary coaxial cables, with their “no technology” construction, Connect it E features a “dual twisted pair” technology with a 100% foil shield for rejection of EM and RF interference – the types that cause hum and buzz in your system.
Dual twisted pair construction consists of two identical conductors for positive and negative signals that are tightly wrapped around each other. This enables excellent noise rejection that wouldn’t be possible with ordinary cables.

Natural sound

Connect it E’s two “balanced” conductors plus a shield deliver fuller, more natural sound. Its side-by-side design allows an easy, neat hookup of left and right audio channels.
Natural sound

Gold plated connectors & tight fit

Connect it E is terminated with high-conductivity RCA connectors for a tight fit that won’t come loose when you move your equipment. They’re 24k gold plated for optimum signal transfer and corrosion resistance.
Gold plated connectors and tight fit

Correct usage

As the Connect it E cable is a parallel symmetrical cable the shield is only connected on one end. The yellow mark indicates this side. The marked side should always be connected to the receiving end (i.e. phono stage or amplifier).
Correct usage

What's in the box?

  • Connect It E RCA cable - 1.23 m

Technical information

  • Assembly: Quasi-balanced, individually shielded twisted pairs
  • Conductors: High purity oxygen free copper
  • Dielectric: Polyethylen
  • Hacket: Transparent PVC
  • Length: Pre-configured stereo sets 1.23 m with earth wire
  • Cable Capacity: 130pF
  • Cable Impedance: 77Ω
  • Insulation Resistance: 50MΩ (500V DC)
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