Manufacturer EVO by Audient


The company Audient was founded in 1997 in Esher, Scotland, by David Dearden and Gary Green. Both founders had experience in the professional audio industry, with Dearden having previously worked for Soundcraft and Green for Focusrite.

Audient began as a manufacturer of mixing consoles for recording studios and radio stations. The company's first product was the ASP8024 mixer, which later became very popular among professional recording studios.

After the success of the ASP8024, Audient continued to develop new products. In 2005, the company introduced the ASP4816 mixer, which was smaller and easier to use than the ASP8024 and aimed at beginner musicians and home studios. This product also quickly became extremely popular.

In 2019, Audient announced that it would introduce its new brand, EVO. This was done to target beginner musicians and people who engage in audio recording and processing at home. EVO offers devices with a simple and intuitive design that are easy to use and allow users to start making quality recordings at home.

Audient's EVO interfaces are equipped with high-quality microphone preamps and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). They provide studio-quality sound and are compatible with all popular DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and Logic Pro X.

In addition to EVO, Audient also offers other products such as mixers and audio interfaces for professional use. The company is also known for its microphone preamp consoles, which are used in many recording studios around the world.

Audient's EVO interfaces have become popular among beginner musicians and recording artists who want to make quality recordings at home. They are an example of how a company can expand its audience by offering products that meet the needs of beginners and enthusiasts in the field of audio recording and processing.

Audient continues to expand its range of products by adding new mixers and audio interfaces to its portfolio. The company also offers products for mastering and sound processing, as well as audio converters and microphone preamps.

Audient products are known for their high-quality sound and are used by many professional recording studios and artists around the world. The company continues to develop innovative products and improve the quality of its devices, striving to meet the needs of musicians.