EarMen ST-Amp Amplifier

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Manufacturer EarMen

Boost your DAC's potential with the ST-Amp

Get ready for a mind-blowing audio experience with the EarMen ST-Amp, a fully balanced desktop headphone amplifier with an integrated DAC and preamp. Designed for music lovers who demand everything in one device, the ST-Amp delivers extraordinary sound that you won't want to miss.

Enjoy the benefits of fully balanced architecture, which makes every input sound even cleaner and better. The ST-Amp uses the same topology for SE signals, transforming them into balanced signals with almost no phase shift, noise, or THD. Now you can rock out without missing a beat.

Boost your DAC's potential with the ST-Amp, ensuring no detail is left unheard. It's perfect for controlling various headphone drivers and enhancing accuracy, neutrality, and transparency. And with dynamic range above >126dB, you'll feel like you're in a concert hall, enjoying lively and musical sound.

Connect your preferred sound source using the analog input or integrated DAC. With the freedom to choose, you'll never miss out on your favorite tunes. Plus, the ultra-low THD allows for higher power factor, lower peak currents, and better efficiency without distortion.

Upgrade your listening experience with the ST-Amp's pre-out option, allowing you to use it as a DAC and preamplifier for an even more powerful system. And with a noiseless linear power supply at its core, the ST-Amp can handle even the most demanding headphones with ease.

Built to last, the EarMen ST-Amp features an aluminum chassis and compact design that can easily fit into any space. The high-quality balanced ALPS potentiometer ensures your sound remains unchanged, keeping you satisfied during use.

So why wait? Elevate your audio game with the EarMen ST-Amp, and never miss a beat again. Grab yours today and unlock the true potential of your music!

What's in the box?

  • EarMan ST-Amp
Amplifier, Converter (DAC)
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