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Manufacturer Dan Clark Audio

Unlock Your Ears: Meet the Game-Changing Dan Clark Audio VOCE

You know how sometimes words fall short? That's the magic of VOCE. Crowned “Best Headphone” and “Product of the Year” by the industry’s big names, this is the last stop on your quest for audio nirvana. With an 88mm driver that pumps out bass like it's from the core of the Earth, this isn't just sound; it's a full-body experience. Feel your playlist, don't just hear it.

New & Improved: The Mid-Range Makeover

Hold on, it just got better! A simple yet brilliant upgrade to the ear pads in April 2022 has taken VOCE's midrange tonality and soundstage to stratospheric levels. Got an older model? No worries! This genius little tweak is compatible with all existing units. Just swap the pads, and boom! An entirely new listening journey unfolds.

Not Your Average Cable: Pure Silver Magic

You don't put regular gas in a sports car, right? VOCE comes with a custom silver-plated, low-capacitance cable that’s more efficient and ergonomic than those flat ribbon wannabes. Less handling noise, more pure, unfiltered music. Dive into a gigantic soundstage and let the melodies wash over you.

Open acoustic
Sound Systems:
Transducer Principle:
88мм Електростатични. Необходимост от 580v усилвател (съвместим с всчики STAX усилватели)
Detachable cable
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