Sumiko Olympia Cartridge

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Manufacturer Sumiko

Sumiko Olympia Overview

Building on the success of Rainier, the Sumiko Olympia cartridge implements an upgraded cantilever assembly that reduces moving mass, translating to more nimble groove tracing, extended nuance, and expanded frequency response. A slight decrease in output from Rainier reduces noise in an already-quiet design, improving imaging and perpetuating realism that’s rare to come by in this class of cartridge.

Our Latest Oysters

Designed for discerning, value-minded audiophiles, the Rainier, Olympia, and Moonstone cartridges supplement and complement our existing range of Oysters. They build upon, enhance, and refine the sonic character that listeners worldwide have enjoyed for decades. New innovation in cartridge design addresses the problem of resonance — the things that need to happen around a generator to voice a cartridge with honesty. The housing disperses and dissipates resonance, making way for effortless, transparent sonics that are enlivened with intimate nuance. The voicing is true to natural harmonics, space around voices and instruments, as well as their attack and decay. Unique to these three Oysters (not to mention Amethyst), experience a diminutive backdrop that bolsters sonic images with a degree of aptitude reminiscent of moving coil designs.

Upgrade Path

Rainier, Olympia, and Moonstone replacement styli are interchangeable. We encourage you to follow the upgrade path to experience the best of what this design has to offer!

Hand-Crafted in Japan

From Oyster to Reference, each Sumiko phono cartridge is crafted by hand in Yokohama, Japan — near the waters where our namesake Oysters dwell. We’ve selected by ear the finest materials that combine to deliver performance that has enlightened generations of listeners. Each design is thoroughly auditioned until perfected. Production is then executed by world-class cartridge makers with a collective eye for precision and quality. The result is a full horizon of cartridges eager to introduce themselves to your analog system — we firmly believe there’s a perfect cartridge for you here.

Sumiko Olympia In Brief

  • Upgraded cantilever assembly for reduced moving mass
  • Improved groove tracing, extended nuance, and expanded frequency response
  • Slight decrease in output for lower noise and enhanced imaging
  • Part of the latest range of Oysters designed for value-minded audiophiles
  • Resonance-dissipating housing for transparent sonics and natural harmonics
  • Interchangeable replacement styli with Rainier and Moonstone
  • Hand-crafted in Yokohama, Japan for precision and quality

The Sumiko Olympia cartridge offers an excellent balance of performance and value, making it an ideal choice for audiophiles seeking enhanced sound quality and realism in their analog listening experience.

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