Dan Clark Stealth - 4.4mm headhpones

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Manufacturer Dan Clark Audio

Level Up Your Audio Game: Stealth's Sonic Nirvana

Tired of mediocre sound? Meet the Dan Clark Audio Stealth Headphones. Crafted meticulously with a 4th-gen planar magnetic driver and Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System, this bad boy gives you audiophile-grade sound without the bulk or discomfort. You’ll hear every guitar strum, piano key, and drum beat like you're in a private concert.

Comfort Re-Imagined: Hours of Music, Zero Strain

Let's face it, a great sound experience is nothing without comfort. The Stealth Headphones feature an innovative self-adjusting suspension system that gives you the most comfortable jamming sessions, no matter how long. Stitched with quality black leather and accented with red, these headphones aren't just an audio device, they're a fashion statement.

Built to Impress: Quality & Design Unmatched

Crafted in San Diego, California, Stealth's build screams luxury and quality. From its carbon/aluminum bonded cup design to its intricate detailing, this is the epitome of style meets substance. And guess what? It's all packed in a compact, foldable design for easy on-the-go music indulgence.

Closed acoustic
Sound Systems:
1 x 4.4mm Pentaconn
Detachable cable, Foldable
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