Sennheiser SoundProtex Plus

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Manufacturer Sennheiser

The Need for Hearing Protection

In various environments like power tool operations, live concerts, and racetracks, safeguarding one's hearing is essential. Unfortunately, conventional earplugs often result in a muffled sound experience.

SoundProtex Plus - Advanced Technology

Sennheiser introduces SoundProtex Plus, a versatile set of earplugs equipped with pioneering two-stage filters. This innovation allows for a reduction in sound across all frequencies, ensuring you can enjoy music and conversations without compromising on hearing protection.

Tailored Listening Experiences

SoundProtex Plus offers a range of filters to suit different environments: strong filters for loud concerts and use with power tools, medium filters for festivals and travel, weak filters for quieter concerts and bustling public areas, and total block filters for times of relaxation and sleep.

Comfort and Sustainability

Designed with user comfort in mind, SoundProtex Plus earplugs come in three sizes and are made from soft, flexible, medical-grade TPE. These ear tips are biocompatible, ensuring a secure fit. Moreover, they are reusable, allowing for frequent use without the need for replacement

What's in the box?

  • Sets of acoustic filters (low, mid, high)
  • 3 Sets of different ear tip sizes (S, M, and L)
  • One set of full-block filters
  • Storage pouch
What is in the box
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