NAGAOKA MP-300 Cartridge

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Manufacturer Nagaoka

The Nagaoka MP-300 is an advanced technology cartridge designed for superior record groove retrieval. Featuring a super fine polished elliptical diamond mounted on a low mass, high strength boron cantilever, the MP-300 delivers exceptional performance and musical clarity.

Available Versions

  • MP-300: Cartridge only without headshell
  • MP-300H: Cartridge pre-mounted in a Nagaoka Headshell

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High-Quality Pre-Mounted Option

When you choose the Nagaoka MP-300H, you receive the fine Nagaoka MP-300 pre-mounted on a high-quality original Nagaoka headshell, ready to use. It is mounted with screws of ideal length, washers, and bolts. For this reason, no screwdriver, spare screws, or bolts are included by Nagaoka, as is the case with the MP-300 version without headshell.

Exceptional Performance

The MP-300 is nimble on the grooves and easy on the ears, ensuring an enjoyable listening experience. Built on the moving permalloy principle, this cartridge is destined to become a classic right out of the box. Nagaoka achieves a level of sophistication and musicality that is hard to beat, with all the finer details revealed and set up in an incredibly well-defined sound stage. It features a super rigid body with ultra-low resonance, making it a top choice for discerning audiophiles.

Replaceable and Upgradeable Stylus

When the stylus is worn out, you can replace it with a new one at a reasonable cost. You also have the option to upgrade to the stylus from the top-of-the-line Nagaoka MP-500 cartridge, further enhancing your listening experience.

Stylus Guard Included

A stylus guard is included with the cartridge to protect it during transportation and when not in use. The stylus guard is also sold separately should you ever need a spare.

Included Accessories

  • MP-300: The box includes accessories for mounting the cartridge in most headshells, with two sets of screws (approximately 10mm and 13mm in length), two plastic washers, two bolts, and a small screwdriver. Should you require screws of a different length, we offer sets of screws in a larger variety.
  • MP-300H: Since the cartridge is pre-mounted on a headshell, no screwdriver, spare screws, or bolts are included by Nagaoka.


  • Advanced technology cartridge with super fine polished elliptical diamond
  • Low mass, high strength boron cantilever for superior groove retrieval
  • Available as cartridge only (MP-300) or pre-mounted in a headshell (MP-300H)
  • Replaceable stylus with upgrade option to MP-500 stylus
  • Stylus guard included for protection
  • MP-300 includes mounting accessories; MP-300H is pre-mounted with no additional mounting accessories
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