NAGAOKA JT-80BK Cartridge

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Manufacturer Nagaoka

The Nagaoka JT-80BK is the high-end version of the two new cartridges in the Jeweltone (JT) series, celebrating Nagaoka’s 80th anniversary. The ""BK"" suffix stands for Black, reflecting the elegant color of this well-reviewed cartridge. It features a nude elliptical stylus on an extremely rigid boron cantilever, providing exceptional sound quality.

Key Features

  • Color and Design: The ""Black"" color gives a sophisticated look to your turntable setup.
  • Stylus and Cantilever: Equipped with a nude elliptical stylus and an extremely rigid boron cantilever for superior sound reproduction.
  • Sound Quality: Delivers a very natural and open sound with firm bass, an intriguing and full midrange, and delicate, musical high frequencies. It offers a performance that is difficult to beat in this price range.
  • Cartridge Type: Built on the moving magnet principle, allowing for easy and cost-effective stylus replacement when worn out, offering an advantage over similarly priced moving coil cartridges.
  • Compatibility: Works well with medium weight tonearms, making it versatile for various turntable setups.

Break-In Period

Nagaoka recommends a 30-hour break-in period for the JT-80BK cartridge to achieve optimal sound performance.

Support and Assistance

The DaCapo Audio support team is available to assist you in choosing the right cartridge according to your needs, sound preferences, and budget.


  • Celebrates Nagaoka’s 80th anniversary
  • Black color for a sophisticated look
  • Nude elliptical stylus on an extremely rigid boron cantilever
  • Natural and open sound with firm bass, full midrange, and delicate high frequencies
  • Moving magnet principle for easy stylus replacement
  • Compatible with medium weight tonearms
  • 30-hour break-in period recommended
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