Musical Fidelity M6x Vinyl Phono Stage - Black

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Manufacturer Musical Fidelity

The M6x ViNYL is a high-performance, highly accurate phono MM/MC cartridge amplifier housed in an elegantly designed case. Engineered to have no practical limits, it ensures that the input stage cannot be overloaded and there are no limitations in the output driving capacity during regular use, whether single-ended or balanced. Featuring three inputs that can be individually set for MM or MC and loading, each input remembers its own settings. The M6x ViNYL offers state-of-the-art technical and sonic performance at a competitive price, embodying the true spirit of high-end audio.

Design Philosophy

In updating from the M6 ViNYL to the M6x ViNYL, we have adopted entirely discrete circuitry, resulting in better technical measurements and improved sound. The M6x ViNYL is equipped with one balanced input and output, as well as two single-ended inputs and one single-ended output, making it compatible with any vinyl hi-fi system.

The Advantage of Discrete Circuits

A discrete circuit consists of individual electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transistors. Unlike integrated circuits that use operational amplifiers (Op-Amps) in the signal chain, discrete components allow for greater neutrality, naturalness, dynamics, and vividness in sound. While standard phono pre-amplifiers with integrated circuits have tens or hundreds of components, discrete designs employ hundreds or thousands of components, resulting in an extended design process but delivering superior sound quality.

The M6x ViNYL features three separate, independently selectable cartridge inputs, allowing for the use of three different turntables or multiple tonearm configurations. Selectable gain accommodates different cartridge sensitivities, and cartridge type and loading can be optimized via front selector buttons.

Making Way for Pure Music

The goal of any audio component is to be invisible to the listener, allowing the music to shine through. The M6x ViNYL achieves this by having no practical audible noise, minimal distortion, and the ability to perfectly load your cartridge. It exists to serve the music, bringing the artist's intent, emotions, and passion directly to your ears and heart.


  • Exact and precise loading for MM and MC cartridges
  • Balanced input and output
  • Fully discrete circuit board design

Technical information

MM Input

  • Frequency response: RIAA or RIAA/IEC ±0 .2dB
  • Input sensitivity: 5mV in for 500mV out (at 1kHz)
  • Input impedance: 47KΩ
  • Input capacitance: 50-400pF selectable
  • THD at 1 kHz: <0.005%
  • Overload margin: 26dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: >101dB

MC Input

  • Frequency response: RIAA or RIAA/IEC ±0.25dB
  • Input sensitivity: 500μV in for 500mV out (at 1kHz)
  • Input impedance: 25Ω to 1,2KΩ selectable
  • Input capacitance: 470pF fixed
  • THD at 1 kHz: <0 .02%
  • Overload margin: 26dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: >90dB

Outputs (RCA/XLR)

  • 1 pair RCA: left and right 500mV nom 10V max
  • 1 pair XLR (balanced): left and right 1V nom 20V max

Power requirement

  • Mains voltages: 230V/115V Internally set or 100V optional. AC 50/60Hz
  • Consumption: 20 Watts maximum. <0 .5W in standby (orange LED on)

Weight and Dimensions

  • Unit only, unboxed: 5.5 kg
  • In shipping carton & inc . accessories: 11 kg
  • W x H(incl. feet) x D(incl. terminals): 440 x 100 x 385mm

Standard accessories

  • Mains lead: 10 Amp IEC
Input connection:
Output connection:
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