Meze Audio 99 NEO Black Silver Headphones

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Manufacturer Meze Audio

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Introducing the Meze 99 Neo - the contemporary hi-fi headphone that is all yours to fall in love with. Feast your eyes on the stunning coal black textured earcups, caress the butter soft earpads, and enjoy crisp, clean sound that is natural, balanced, and undistorted. The 99 Neo offers effortless comfort with its self-adjusting headband and soft, cushioned earpads that cradle your head. The stamped manganese spring steel headband delivers even pressure across your head, while the earpads crafted of medium density memory foam allow you to get lost in your music for hours.

With hardware of cast zinc alloy with an electroplated coating, the 99 Neo is a classic for every day. And should you ever need to replace a part, it’s fully serviceable. The 99 Neo will stand the test of time, so generations beyond you can fall in love with it too.

The 99 Neo boasts impressive specs, including a 40mm transducer size, a frequency response of 15Hz - 25KHz, and a sensitivity of 103dB at 1KHz, 1mW. The headphones weigh 260 gr (9.2 ounces) without cables and come with a detachable Kevlar OFC cable and a 3.5mm gold plated plug.

Meze's attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident in the 99 Neo's design and features. The headphones are fully serviceable, so you can enjoy them for years to come. The headband delivers even pressure for any head size, and the medium density memory foam ear-pads offer excellent sound isolation. The 99 Neo comes with a hard EVA carrying pouch, a 1.5m thread Kevlar OFC cable with mic and remote, a 6.3mm gold-plated jack adapter, and a cable pouch.

In summary, the Meze 99 Neo is a contemporary hi-fi headphone that offers effortless comfort, crisp, clean sound, and impressive specs. It is a classic for every day and is fully serviceable, so you can enjoy it for years to come. With its stunning design and premium features, the 99 Neo is the perfect headphone for anyone who loves high-quality audio.

What's in the box?

  • Case: Hard EVA carrying pouch
  • Cable: 1.5m thread Kevlar OFC with Mic and remote
  • Adapter: 6.3mm gold-plated jack
  • Cable pouch
Ear Coupling:
Closed acoustic
Travel, Mobile Devices, Home Audio and TV
Optimized for:
Multi Platform
Sound Systems:
Frequency Response (Headphones):
15Hz - 25KHz
Impedance (Headphones):
26 Ω
Sound Pressure Level (SPL):
103dB at 1KHz, 1mW
Transducer Principle:
40mm dynamic
1 x 3.5mm jack 4-poles, 1 x 6.3mm stereo jack
1.5m thread Kevlar OFC with Mic and remote, 6.3mm gold-plated jack
250 g.
Microphone, Volume Control, Detachable cable
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