Manufacturer Antlion Audio


Antlion Audio is a company specializing in the production of microphone solutions for gamers and audiophiles. The company was founded in 2011 by a team of engineers and designers in Portland, Oregon, USA.

The idea for Antlion Audio was born after the founders noticed a lack of quality microphone solutions for gamers. They decided to develop a microphone system that could be attached to any type of headphones to provide high-quality sound during gaming communication.

In 2012, Antlion Audio released the modular microphone ModMic, which can be attached to any type of headphones. The product quickly became popular among gamers and audiophiles, thanks to its high sound quality and ease of use.

Since then, Antlion Audio continues to develop and improve its products. The company offers different models of ModMic, as well as other audio equipment accessories. Antlion Audio products are sold worldwide through the company's online stores and distribution network.