Goldring G1006 Cartridge

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Manufacturer Goldring

Goldring 1006 Phono Cartridge

Precision Craftsmanship for Superior Sound

The Goldring 1006 cartridge is a meticulously hand-built masterpiece, designed to deliver an unparalleled audio experience. Featuring an elliptical stylus, it accurately traces the highest frequency record grooves, offering a significant advantage over ordinary spherical types. The lightweight shank further enhances performance by providing a lower tip mass, resulting in an improved transient response.

Low Mass Pocan® Body

The Goldring 1006 utilizes a robust one-piece body crafted from ultra-rigid, glass-reinforced polyester known as Pocan. This material ensures that the fixed parts are securely held in place and can be tightly bolted to the head shell for maximum efficiency and optimal sound quality. The user-replaceable stylus carrier slots into the body with a locating pin, preventing unwanted vibrations that could color the sound. Additionally, an integral mu-metal can shields the generator parts from hum-inducing stray magnetic fields. The high strength-to-mass ratio of Pocan keeps the overall mass of the G1000 series cartridges below 6.5g, ensuring easy matching with a wide range of tonearms.

High Efficiency Magnetic Circuit

The Goldring 1006 features finely etched mu-metal laminated to form the pole pieces, around which two formerless coils of four thousand turns each are fitted. This unique design reduces mass and creates a highly efficient magnetic circuit, resulting in a higher than average output. This construction also minimizes high-frequency loss inherent in conventional designs, leading to a smooth and extended frequency response.

Reduced Moving Mass

The 1000 series employs an ultra-low-mass, micro-miniature Alnico V magnet, crafted to a precision that no other manufacturer worldwide can achieve. A gold-plated nickel tie-bar welded to the magnet provides an earth path for vinyl static charge build-up and stabilizes the cantilever against unwanted vibrational modes. The entire ultra-low-mass assembly is mounted in a specially formulated butyl rubber polymer with optimized damping characteristics.

Expert Adjustment

Proper stylus azimuth (horizontal tracking angle) is essential for maintaining a perfect stereo sound stage. The Goldring 1006 leaves the factory with the azimuth precisely set, ensuring the vertical center-line of the stylus is exactly perpendicular to the record groove. This factory setting eliminates the need for user adjustment, which is typically not available on most budget decks. A correctly set azimuth prevents uneven channel balance and reduces crosstalk between channels, preserving the integrity of the stereo image.

Key Features:

  • Elliptical Stylus: Provides superior high-frequency groove tracing compared to spherical types.
  • Low Mass Pocan® Body: Ensures maximum efficiency and sound quality.
  • High Efficiency Magnetic Circuit: Produces a higher output and smooth, extended frequency response.
  • Ultra-Low-Mass Alnico V Magnet: Offers unmatched precision and stability.
  • Expert Adjustment: Factory-set azimuth for optimal stereo sound stage.

Enhance Your Vinyl Experience

The Goldring 1006 cartridge is an excellent choice for audiophiles who demand exceptional sonic performance. Its advanced design and high-quality materials ensure a detailed, smooth, and musical sound that brings your records to life.

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