Goldring Ethos Cartridge

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Manufacturer Goldring

High-End Audiophile Excellence

The Goldring Ethos is a high-end moving-coil cartridge designed for audiophiles seeking the ultimate in sound reproduction. Featuring a vital-shank, nude-diamond stylus with a polyhedral, line-contact profile, the Ethos ensures low tip-mass and a large contact area while remaining narrow from front to back. This design enables the undistorted retrieval of even ultrasonic frequencies in recordings. At the heart of the Ethos is Goldring's hand-built GOL-1 moving-coil generator, incorporating a hand-wound cross-shaped, soft-iron armature within a low resonance aircraft aluminum chassis. Each cartridge is precision-tuned by expert craftsmen to deliver Goldring's highest level of performance, immersing you fully in the musical experience.

Key Features:

  • Line-Contact Stylus: The polyhedral, line-contact diamond profile provides an extensive contact area with the groove wall, enhancing high-frequency detail retrieval and reducing groove wear. The vital-shaped shank's low tip mass ensures exceptional trackability.
  • Alloy Cantilever: A stiff and lightweight alloy cantilever tube, optimized in length for cartridge stability and ride height, reduces inertia in the suspension system and improves trackability.
  • Cross-Shaped Armature: Coils are wound around a cross-shaped armature made of pure, high-permeability Swedish iron. This design reduces unsprung mass, enhancing the stylus's ability to track the groove wall, while the coil separation minimizes cross-talk, improving the stereo image.
  • Optimized Suspension: A bespoke butyl rubber compound damper pad keeps the system critically damped. Combined with an expertly tensioned tie-wire, the cartridge remains ultra-stable even during the loudest and most complex passages.
  • Neodymium Magnet: A light and powerful neodymium magnet is clamped between two pole shoes, creating a perfectly uniform magnetic field gap within which the cross armature is suspended. This results in a flat and extended frequency response.
  • Aluminum Body Shell: Precision-milled from low-density, rigid, aircraft-grade aluminum, the body maintains a low effective mass and dissipates unwanted resonances into the tonearm where they are effectively 'grounded.'

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: Extended, flat frequency response for accurate sound reproduction.
  • Output Level: Suitable for use with a moving-coil phono stage.
  • Tracking Ability: Superior trackability even in complex and loud passages.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of tonearms due to its optimized design and low effective mass.

Upgrade Your Vinyl Experience

The Goldring Ethos is meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled audio experience, capturing every nuance and detail of your vinyl records. Its advanced design features and expert tuning make it a standout choice for discerning audiophiles. Upgrade your turntable setup with the Goldring Ethos and immerse yourself in the purest, most detailed sound possible.

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