Goldring E4 Cartridge

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Manufacturer Goldring

Goldring E4 - Flagship Moving Magnet Cartridge

Unleash the Pinnacle of E Series Performance

Introducing the Goldring E4, the flagship model of the E Series moving magnet cartridges. Designed to be the ultimate upgrade for any modern budget or midrange turntable, the E4 represents the highest level of engineering and performance within the E Series.

Precision Engineering for Superior Sound

The Goldring E4 is compatible with all medium-to-high-mass tonearms commonly found on budget to midrange turntables. Built using the same high-quality core as other cartridges in the E Series, the E4 is perfect for upgrading an obsolete cartridge or enhancing the performance of an existing E Series cartridge by simply replacing the stylus.

Key Features

  • Super-Elliptical Nude Diamond Stylus: The new super-elliptical nude diamond stylus offers lower effective tip mass, improved rigidity, and better high-frequency detail retrieval compared to bonded elliptical alternatives.
  • Hollow Aluminium Cantilever: The lightweight and superior stiffness of the hollow aluminium cantilever allows the stylus to trace medium-to-high frequencies with greater accuracy, providing a more detailed and precise sound.
  • Magnetic Duplex Technology™: This innovative technology ensures a more accurate transcription of the stereo groove, resulting in an enhanced and accurate soundstage.
  • Expert Adjustment Facility: Unlike most designs, the E4 allows micro-adjustments to be made during the production process. This ensures that each cartridge leaves the Goldring factory with optimized channel balance and crosstalk settings for superior audio performance.

Enhanced Listening Experience

The Goldring E4 cartridge is designed to deliver exceptional audio fidelity. With its super-elliptical nude diamond stylus and advanced Magnetic Duplex Technology™, listeners can enjoy a more accurate and immersive soundstage. The hollow aluminium cantilever further enhances the ability to capture fine details in the music, making it a standout choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

Upgrade Your Turntable

Whether you are looking to replace an old cartridge or enhance the performance of your current setup, the Goldring E4 offers an unmatched upgrade path. Its compatibility with a wide range of tonearms and turntables ensures that you can experience the best sound quality without needing to change your entire system.

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