Goldring E2 Cartridge

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Manufacturer Goldring

Goldring E2 Phono Cartridge

Experience Superior Sound Quality

The Goldring E2 cartridge is designed to accurately replicate the original record production, preserving the creative nuances, musicality, and rhythm intended by the artist. Perfect for budget to mid-range turntables, the E2 cartridge is simple to fit and delivers exceptional performance.

Enhanced Stylus and Cantilever

Building on the design of the E1, the E2 features a spherical stylus profile combined with an upgraded aluminum cantilever. This lightweight yet stiff cantilever allows the stylus to trace medium to high frequencies more accurately, offering greater detail and reducing distortion and mis-tracking during loud passages.

Magnetic Duplex Technology™

All E Series cartridges, including the E2, incorporate Magnetic Duplex Technology™. This dual magnet generator assembly mirrors the geometry of the original cutting head, ensuring accurate reproduction of the stereo information in the record groove. The result is improved channel separation and a more engaging, musical soundstage.

Expert Adjustment

The E-series cartridges are meticulously designed to allow micro-adjustments during production using a special adjustment screw. This pre-sets the stylus angle with the record surface, ensuring optimized channel balance and eliminating the need for horizontal tracking adjustments. This guarantees consistent and reliable performance throughout the product's life.

Key Features

  • Spherical Stylus Profile: Enhanced with an upgraded aluminum cantilever for more accurate tracing of medium to high frequencies.
  • Magnetic Duplex Technology™: Dual magnet generator assembly for better channel separation and a more musical soundstage.
  • Expert Adjustment: Pre-set stylus angle for optimized channel balance and consistent performance.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Ideal upgrade for any budget, pre-fitted, or obsolete cartridge.

Upgrade Your Listening Experience

The Goldring E2 is an excellent choice for audiophiles seeking to enhance their turntable's performance. With its advanced features and meticulous design, the E2 cartridge ensures you hear your music as the artist intended, with exceptional clarity and detail.

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