How to choose the right headphones for a child?

Posted by Vasilka Dyulgerova
How to choose the right headphones for a child?

Whether it is June 1st – International Children's Day, a birthday or a gift for a great achievement, headphones remain a desirable present for children. But how to navigate the sea of models?

Should you choose strictly children's headphones or adult headphones? Which features are good to consider? Let's raise the curtain with the specialists from VSystem.

Why headphones are a good gift?

Headphones are a desirable gift for young and adults both. The wide variety of models, features and applications undoubtedly makes them a piece of tech that everyone longs for and needs in their daily lives.
In today's world, children are often familiar with the capabilities of their phones, tablets and computers and demand more from both them and the peripherals they use. One of them is the headphones. Kids talk, watch videos, learn remotely or just listen to their favorite vloggers, tictokers and influencers.
On the other side, teenagers immerse themselves in a sea of podcasts and movies. And all this - from their phones. That is why they will surely be happy when you give them new, nice headphones, with a guarantee for long use and durability.

How to choose headphones for children?

First of all, it is important to remember that children are still developing. This includes their hearing. Therefore, many models aimed entirely at youngsters have sound height limits - up to 85 - 90 dB. In comparison, adult headphones reach levels of 110 - 115 dB.

In addition, when choosing headphones for children, it is important to pay attention to the appearance of the headset - the design and materials from which it is made. And here again we should think about the fact that children grow and develop. This is why iit is better to choose headphones with a structure that allows stretching and soft, comfortable earphones and a light ergonomic construction so they will not harm and weigh too much when the child has to prolong their use for hours while playing and learning.

Another question we often hear from parents is about the difference between in-ear and over-ear headphones. It is said that the closer the headset is to the child's ear, the greater the risk of hearing damage in the long run. That is why our recommendation is to focus on headphones with soft earphones, which gently cover the whole ear of the child. Whether you choose an open or closed model depends entirely on your preferences.

From all that has been said so far, you could easily go for an all-child model, but keep in mind that very often they do not offer the answers you are looking for. Some of their disadvantages often include instability of materials, compromise with the design or construction, poorer sound quality and others. That is why we have collected three models with which you can easily make children happy at home with or without an occasion.


Sennheiser HD 250BT

These headphones are one of the newer Sennheiser models that children at home can fall in love with. Designed for DJs and people with busy schedules, they bring together all the features that make them suitable as a gift for growing music lovers.

HD 250BT are extremely light and comfortable, with soft earphones that sit nicely over the ear. Their design offers the possibility of adjustments according to the size of the head. At the same time, they have strength, durability, no annoying cables and a built-in microphone that sounds perfect.

And another big plus: a 25-hour battery for entertainment!
Sennheiser HD 250BT

Sennheiser HD 206

The second model we will present to you, is a special edition, developed for the 75-year anniversary of the manufacturer Sennheiser. It is a great music solution that has several advantages. For you, they are hidden in the price of the headphones, which is extremely affordable and on the other hand – in the fact this truly is a very limited series. The headphones are distinguished by the typical Sennheiser quality elements, from which not only their interior is built, but also the light construction.

Compared to the HD 250BT, the HD 206 is more solid and has a wider headband. On the other hand, it fits perfectly and helps us not feel tension while wearing them. These headphones are wired and follow the recommendation to cover the ear with light, comfortable earphones.
Sennheiser HD 206

Audio-Technica ATH-S200BT

One of the most desired models of Audio-Technica turns out to be a wonderful choice for the little lovers of sound at home. The model is wireless, with an impressive 40 hours of battery life.

The lack of cables and the long battery life are features that children will appreciate immediately. An additional plus is the built-in microphone, through which kids can easily answer a call.

And last but not least, the design of the headphones is not only light and comfortable, but also compact: the set folds so that the child can easily put them in his backpack without worrying they might break.
Audio-Technica ATH-S200BT

You like these models or you want to look at a larger range? Do it here or visit us at 30 Mila Rodina Str., Sofia, where you can see them on site, hear their sound live and test the options with your children.

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