Audio-Technica AT-LP3XBT Turntable - white

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Manufacturer Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica AT-LP3XBT: The Future of Vinyl Listening

Introducing the Audio-Technica AT-LP3XBT, a fully automatic turntable that bridges the gap between the timeless sound of vinyl and the convenience of Bluetooth® technology. Designed for the digital age, the AT-LP3XBT offers the perfect blend of analogue warmth and digital flexibility, allowing you to experience your vinyl collection like never before.

Uncompromised Sound Quality with Bluetooth® Convenience

The AT-LP3XBT is not just a turntable; it's an invitation to explore the rich, detailed sound of vinyl with the ease of wireless connectivity. Pair it effortlessly with the latest Bluetooth® speakers or headphones and set your music free. No wires, no hassle, just pure, high-fidelity audio delivered with the touch of a button.

Engineered for Excellence

Drawing on 60 years of audio innovation, the AT-LP3XBT combines high-fidelity design with cutting-edge Bluetooth® technology. This turntable is a testament to Audio-Technica's legacy, offering a listening experience that's both authentic and advanced. With features tailored for both novices and audiophiles, it's a turntable that respects the past while embracing the future.


    • Fully Automatic Operation: Enjoy your favorite records with ease, thanks to the fully automatic start, stop, and return functions.
    • Built-In Phono Preamp: Offers flexible connectivity options, allowing you to connect to a variety of speakers and audio systems without the need for an external preamp.
    • Versatile Playback Speeds: Play all your 33⅓ & 45 RPM records and explore your music's full potential.
    • Removable Universal Headshell and Replaceable Stylus: Customize your setup with different cartridges to match your audio preferences.
    • Seamless Bluetooth® Connectivity: Connect to your preferred devices wirelessly, for a clutter-free listening environment.

In the Box:

    • AT-LP3XBT Turntable
    • Dust Cover & Felt Mat
    • Platter with Drive Belt
    • Dust Cover Hinges
    • Counterweight
    • Headshell (AT-HS3 BK) with VM Stereo Cartridge (AT-VM95C)
    • 45-RPM Adapter
    • RCA Audio Cable (Approx. 1.0 m (3.3'))
    • AC Adapter (Approx. 1.5 m (4.9'))
Belt drive
Cartridge and Stylus:
White Matte
Replaceable Headshell, Fixed Counterweight, Bluetooth
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